Funny Armadillo T-shirts

Armadillo T-shirts

Who else wants armadillo t-shirts?

If you like armadillos, you will love expressing it with these t-shirts.

The armadillo is a very unique creature. When it gets hungry it eats grubs, worms, ants, fruits and leaves. When it is scared it curls up into a ball. The shell is a very good protector. And it makes it look like a mini dinosaur. But it’s not that small. Some species can actually grow up to 4 feet!

Some folks might not like armadillos because they will sometimes rip up a garden!

Name: Armadillo in Spanish means “little armored one”
Found in: United States, Mexico.
Strong against: Grubs, Plants
Weak against: Wolves, Panthers

Cute, cool, caricature design. Cartoon style art makes it very fresh, and unique.

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Examples of our t-shirts:

“I Love Armadillos” t-shirt “Armadillos Rule!” “Armadillos ate my homework”

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